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So you are ready to wear a Hijab

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Wearing a hijab is a very personal choice to most women. They chose to wear for a number of reasons. Some wear for religious reasons while others may wear the hijab as a cultural practice. When you are ready to wear a hijab you might want to do a bit of research for ideas to come out with your own style. More of this later.

What is a Hijab?

Hijab is an Arabic word that means “to cover”. The most common name for a hijab is the headscarf. In Malaysia we call it a “tudung”. Wearing a hijab or tudung should be accompanied by loose, non-revealing and modest clothing. This is the correct way of donning a hijab and that is the religious way.

ready to wear a Hijab


So when you are ready to wear a hijab:

Do some research and do the following:

  • Take advantage of the social media, for example, look at Instagrams and Facebooks . Get ideas from them and from YouTube and hijab fashion blogs.


  • Create your own styles. Wearing a hijab need not be conservative and drab. You can still be fashionable but still maintain your modesty.



  • Don’t worry that you may not fit in with the crowds when you are ready to wear a hijab. You will be amazed that more and more women are turning to hijab. The sight of Hijab-wearing popular and glamorous artists in Malaysia is becoming very common.








ready to wear a hijab





ready to wear a hijab


































Soon you will be coming out with your style. Today’s hijabis are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a hijab. There are numerous hijab styles ranging from long scarves to instant and pinless hijabs. Hijab boutiques, both physical and online shops, offer a wide range of hijab styles.

So when you are ready to wear a Hijab be thankful that you are ready to please Allah SWT with your decision.