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Bokitta Preferred Travelling Companion

Bokitta Preferred Travelling Companion

A huge number of hijabis are turning to Bokitta, the no hassle, pin-free and instant hijab for their travelling needs. Bokitta Preferred Travelling Companion of hijabis everywhere.


Packing is a BreezeBokitta, Preferred Travelling Companion

As every bokitta wearing woman can testify, wearing a Bokitta is so effortlessly easy when she is travelling. Bokitta comes in many beautiful plain colours and gorgeous prints. It is so easy to pack in a suitcase. Just roll it up and it don’t take up much space at all. When you are ready to wear it, just unroll your Bokitta and slip it on. Ironing is not required.

Another reason why a Bokitta Preferred Travelling Companion of hijabis, is due to its variety of prints and plains available. Matching your outfit with a bokitta has never been easier and more fun. That is why a bokitta is the fun, pin-free, timesaving, ready wrapped instant hijab preferred by hijabis everywhere.




Bokitta Preferred Travelling Companion is also Solat Friendly

Every Bokitta wearing traveller knows how convenient a Bokitta is during prayer times. Donning and un-donning a bokitta is too easy! A Bokitta is also solat compliance.


travelling10Bokitta Curve and Bokitta Bakti also carry the popular Umrah Collection. Performing the Umrah and Haj is ever so convenient with our Umrah Line. These Umrah Line comes with a complete set of instant hijab, blouse and pants. They are so comfortable to wear and very practical. Our Umrah Line will also not be out of place for any other occasions as they are equally fashionable.



Travelling in Hot Climes and to Cold Countries

travelling6A Bokitta wearer will not feel stuffy and hot in a Bokitta while travelling in a hot climate. This is because a Bokitta comes with an inner lining of soft cotton. The soft lining allow the Bokitta to breathe. Travelling has never been easier or more comfortable.

travelling9In cold climate a Bokitta has proven itself. Bokitta wearers would say how their Bokitta keep them warm while playing in the snow or walking the streets on chilly nights on their travels.











All Bokitta travellers have nothing but positive comments on Bokitta.  Indeed the Bokitta Preferred Travelling Companion of many hijabis travelling the world, is gaining in popularity.