Limited Edition Bokitta Umrah Outfit

The new limited edition Bokitta Umrah Outfit. This Umrah clothing is now available exclusively in Malaysia only @bokitta_curve. Get your beautiful and comfortable Bokitta Umrah outfit from:


The umrah clothing is only available in our boutiques at present. This is because it is an introductory and limited edition item. Bokitta lovers therefore have the opportunity to try out these clothing comfortably in our boutiques.

 Bokitta Umrah Outfit

Bokitta Umrah Outfit

The Umrah set is light, simple, comfortable, trendy and yet modest. Pair it with a Bokitta maxi instant scarf and you are so ready for Umrah or Haj.










You will be amazed and be loving it the moment you wear the Bokitta Umrah Outfit. The material is a light denim cotton blend hence it is cool and soft. It is especially perfect for our weather in Malaysia. Most of all it is ideal  for Umrah and Haj.

Wear the light denim garment outfit anywhere else too. It is classy and also fashionable. Pair it with your favourite beige handbag and hence become one trendy hijabista! The bokitta umrah outfit is available in medium to dark tones. It is therefore  suitable for all skin complexions.



Our model is wearing Umrah Cotton Chambray Blue Butti set:

Available in (S/M) or (L/XL)

  • Long and loose blue Butti umrah tunic. Long and modest length. Made of 100% cotton double chambray. Elasticized cuffs and side pockets.
  • A matching long and comfortable blue Butti umrah pants with elasticized waistband. Made of 100% cotton double chambray.
  •  A matching Bokitta instant umrah blue Butti hijab. Made of 100% cotton double chambray.


Please check out the full range of the Bokitta umrah outfit at our boutiques. Also, dont forget the matching Bokitta instant hijabs! Here are a few more pictures of the umrah clothing.

Bokitta Umrah Outfit


Hurry to our stores. Grab your bokitta umrah outfits before they are sold out!

Bokitta Umrah Outfit


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    how much for the umrah set for denim style? ( set it’s mean including with the hijab?)



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