Introducing Bokitta New Songket Collection

Chic Printed Shiny Georgette Diamond LaceMalaysia’s rich heritage in its art and craft and beautiful fabrics has inspired the Bokitta New Songket Collection. Bokitta has introduced  a slew of new and gorgeous print designs. They are available now at our boutiques and our online store.

Bokitta designers have always come out with bold new colors and prints. Bokitta has always designed prints with a theme. Some are bright and fresh flowery prints and some are colourful with vibrant abstract designs.




This world of ours has an amazing and varied cultures with their own distinctive and attractive fabrics and prints. This is a source of inspiration to Bokitta and its designers. The various cultures of the Middle East, India and Malaysia have all provided their elegant and beautiful design ideas to Bokitta.

Bokitta makes prints resembling fabrics found in the souks of marakesh and bazaars in Istanbul. It is therefore no surprise that Bokitta also makes prints that reminds ones of India and Malaysia. Bokitta New Songket Collection is the latest and became highly popular because of its rich and vibrant colors.








Introduction of Bokitta New Songket Collection at Indonesia Fashion Week 

Inspired by this traditional art, twelve new print designs, that is the Bokitta New Songket Collection was introduced for the first time at the Indonesian fashion week. This was in February 2017 and it was a roaring success. Bokitta has succeeded in opening up a new market in Indonesia as a result of its participation in the Fashion Week.

Bokitta New Songket Collection








Bokitta New Songket Collection








Like the songket fabric, bokitta songket prints looks very luxurious and shimmering. This is because it looks exactly like a songket fabric. They are perfect for formal or social functions or whenever one wants to look and feel glamorous.


Bokitta New Songket Collection Released in Malaysia

Malaysian Bokitta lovers came in droves to grab the new Sonket collection when these new prints were released in late February 2017. Bokitta fans swarmed our stores including our online shop early so as to grab the choicest designs.

It is prints like these such as Bokitta New Songket Collection that make bokitta fresh, trendy and fun!




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