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So you are ready to wear a Hijab

Chic Maxi Printed Crinkled Chiffon Four Kingdoms

Wearing a hijab is a very personal choice to most women. They chose to wear for a number of reasons. Some wear for religious reasons while others may wear the hijab as a cultural practice. When you are ready to wear a hijab you might want to do a bit of research for ideas to come out with your own style. More of this later.

What is a Hijab?

Hijab is an Arabic word that means “to cover”. The most common name for a hijab is the headscarf. In Malaysia we call it a “tudung”. Wearing a hijab or tudung should be accompanied by loose, non-revealing and modest clothing. This is the correct way of donning a hijab and that is the religious way.

ready to wear a Hijab


So when you are ready to wear a hijab:

Do some research and do the following:

  • Take advantage of the social media, for example, look at Instagrams and Facebooks . Get ideas from them and from YouTube and hijab fashion blogs.


  • Create your own styles. Wearing a hijab need not be conservative and drab. You can still be fashionable but still maintain your modesty.



  • Don’t worry that you may not fit in with the crowds when you are ready to wear a hijab. You will be amazed that more and more women are turning to hijab. The sight of Hijab-wearing popular and glamorous artists in Malaysia is becoming very common.








ready to wear a hijab





ready to wear a hijab


































Soon you will be coming out with your style. Today’s hijabis are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a hijab. There are numerous hijab styles ranging from long scarves to instant and pinless hijabs. Hijab boutiques, both physical and online shops, offer a wide range of hijab styles.

So when you are ready to wear a Hijab be thankful that you are ready to please Allah SWT with your decision.

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Introducing Bokitta New Songket Collection

Bokitta New Songket Collection

Chic Printed Shiny Georgette Diamond LaceMalaysia’s rich heritage in its art and craft and beautiful fabrics has inspired the Bokitta New Songket Collection. Bokitta has introduced  a slew of new and gorgeous print designs. They are available now at our boutiques and our online store.

Bokitta designers have always come out with bold new colors and prints. Bokitta has always designed prints with a theme. Some are bright and fresh flowery prints and some are colourful with vibrant abstract designs.




This world of ours has an amazing and varied cultures with their own distinctive and attractive fabrics and prints. This is a source of inspiration to Bokitta and its designers. The various cultures of the Middle East, India and Malaysia have all provided their elegant and beautiful design ideas to Bokitta.

Bokitta makes prints resembling fabrics found in the souks of marakesh and bazaars in Istanbul. It is therefore no surprise that Bokitta also makes prints that reminds ones of India and Malaysia. Bokitta New Songket Collection is the latest and became highly popular because of its rich and vibrant colors.








Introduction of Bokitta New Songket Collection at Indonesia Fashion Week 

Inspired by this traditional art, twelve new print designs, that is the Bokitta New Songket Collection was introduced for the first time at the Indonesian fashion week. This was in February 2017 and it was a roaring success. Bokitta has succeeded in opening up a new market in Indonesia as a result of its participation in the Fashion Week.

Bokitta New Songket Collection








Bokitta New Songket Collection








Like the songket fabric, bokitta songket prints looks very luxurious and shimmering. This is because it looks exactly like a songket fabric. They are perfect for formal or social functions or whenever one wants to look and feel glamorous.


Bokitta New Songket Collection Released in Malaysia

Malaysian Bokitta lovers came in droves to grab the new Sonket collection when these new prints were released in late February 2017. Bokitta fans swarmed our stores including our online shop early so as to grab the choicest designs.

It is prints like these such as Bokitta New Songket Collection that make bokitta fresh, trendy and fun!




Buy these and other prints HERE


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Bokitta Preferred Travelling Companion

Bokitta Preferred Travelling Companion

A huge number of hijabis are turning to Bokitta, the no hassle, pin-free and instant hijab for their travelling needs. Bokitta Preferred Travelling Companion of hijabis everywhere.


Packing is a BreezeBokitta, Preferred Travelling Companion

As every bokitta wearing woman can testify, wearing a Bokitta is so effortlessly easy when she is travelling. Bokitta comes in many beautiful plain colours and gorgeous prints. It is so easy to pack in a suitcase. Just roll it up and it don’t take up much space at all. When you are ready to wear it, just unroll your Bokitta and slip it on. Ironing is not required.

Another reason why a Bokitta Preferred Travelling Companion of hijabis, is due to its variety of prints and plains available. Matching your outfit with a bokitta has never been easier and more fun. That is why a bokitta is the fun, pin-free, timesaving, ready wrapped instant hijab preferred by hijabis everywhere.




Bokitta Preferred Travelling Companion is also Solat Friendly

Every Bokitta wearing traveller knows how convenient a Bokitta is during prayer times. Donning and un-donning a bokitta is too easy! A Bokitta is also solat compliance.


travelling10Bokitta Curve and Bokitta Bakti also carry the popular Umrah Collection. Performing the Umrah and Haj is ever so convenient with our Umrah Line. These Umrah Line comes with a complete set of instant hijab, blouse and pants. They are so comfortable to wear and very practical. Our Umrah Line will also not be out of place for any other occasions as they are equally fashionable.



Travelling in Hot Climes and to Cold Countries

travelling6A Bokitta wearer will not feel stuffy and hot in a Bokitta while travelling in a hot climate. This is because a Bokitta comes with an inner lining of soft cotton. The soft lining allow the Bokitta to breathe. Travelling has never been easier or more comfortable.

travelling9In cold climate a Bokitta has proven itself. Bokitta wearers would say how their Bokitta keep them warm while playing in the snow or walking the streets on chilly nights on their travels.











All Bokitta travellers have nothing but positive comments on Bokitta.  Indeed the Bokitta Preferred Travelling Companion of many hijabis travelling the world, is gaining in popularity.

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Bokitta Full Products Range Available Here

Bokitta full products range

Looking for a one stop centre for Bokitta products? Look no further as Bokitta full products range is available here at My Bokitta (Bokitta Curve)

Buy online or walk in to our stores. We are well stocked and carry bokitta full products range. Our products range from sleeves to headscarves to skirts and to the full umrah line. As our tag line says, we are The Fun, Pin-Free, Time Saving, Ready Wrapped Instant Hijab.


Bokitta Umrah Outfit

bokitta full products range

This Umrah clothing is only available at our stores in Malaysia . Get your beautiful and comfortable Bokitta Umrah outfit from:

Bokitta Umrah set is light, simple, comfortable and modest. Perform Your Umrah Comfortably With the Exclusive Bokitta Umrah Outfit. Our Umrah line is trendy enough for any occasion.






Bokitta Instant, Pre Wrapped and Pinfree Hijabs

bokitta full products range

Bokitta hijabs are for everyone. All hijab wearing ladies and fashionable hijabistas will love Bokitta. We carry a wide range of colourful printed and beautiful plain colour hijabs.

All Bokittas are ready to wear and hassle-free. Just slide it on and instantly you have a perfectly wrapped and gorgeous hijab.

The beauty of bokitta hijab is it looks wrapped but it is really light and does not have extra layers as most wrapped hijabs do.






bokitta red panels



Bokitta are for everyone indeed. There are hundreds of prints and colours to choose from. One or more will definitely find its way into your heart.




Pair your bokitta pinfree hijab with the stylish and comfortable bokitta skirts. You will stand out as a fashionable hijabista! Bokitta produces matching skirts with its pinfree headscarves. You will be spoilt for choice in choosing your perfect match.

















We also carry the following Bokitta:


Bokitta Hood


Bokitta Zain





Bokitta Asas


Bokitta extension sleaves and headbands

These matching accessories by bokitta complements Bokitta’s full products range. These sleaves and headbands are super comfy. The wide range of colours available makes for easy matching with any of your outfits.

Bokitta extension sleaves and headbands
















So ladies head on down to our stores. Take home with you one of our lovely bokitta. We indeed carry bokitta full products range in Malaysia.

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Bokitta Don’t Leave Home Without

bokitta don't leave home without

The phrase, Bokitta Don’t Leave Home Without is so apt and true to travellers. This is because a Bokitta is so easy to match with any outfits. A big plus is that it is so easy to pack! You just roll it and place in your suitcase. It does not take much space at all. When you are ready to wear just unroll your Bokitta. Voila! In an instant you are ready to hit the sights and sound of the places you are visiting.

Bokitta hijabs are therefore perfect for every occasion.


When you hit the streets to go shopping wear a bright colored Bokitta to brighten up your shopping day.


bokitta don't leave home without it








In fact any bokitta, be it printed or plains, is just as practical and stylish as all Bokittas are light, airy and fashionable.



bokitta zain caviar


bokitta hijab for the fashionble4


Put on your walking shoes, pants, a comfortable blouse and pair it with a stylish Bokitta. You are all set to tour the city, see the countryside or ride up in a hot air balloon!

bokitta dont leave home without it

bokitta don't leave home without it








When you are in a rush you do not need to be burden in wrapping and adjusting your hijab. This takes time. Just pull on a Bokitta  and you are all set. A Bokitta always look perfectly wrap because it is an instant hijab. A perfect reason why Bokitta Don’t Leave Home Without.







Dinner Outfit

Bokitta has the perfect hijab too for dinner in a fancy restaurant.



bokitta voila maxi


Add a shine to your hijab style with a soft, smooth, stylish and glamourous satin hijab from Bokitta.






Bokitta Haj and Umrah Outfit

Bokitta has made performing the Haj or Umrah more comfortable with the Umrah Outfit. Bokitta Umrah outfit is the perfect companion for the ibadah trip. The Umrah set is light, simple and very comfortable.




Pair it with a Bokitta Maxi instant hijab and you are ready for Umrah or Haj. Wear the light denim garment Umrah outfit anywhere else too. It is not only trendy but modest.








Just remember,Bokitta Don’t Leave Home Without.

bokitta umrah


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Limited Edition Bokitta Umrah Outfit

The new limited edition Bokitta Umrah Outfit. This Umrah clothing is now available exclusively in Malaysia only @bokitta_curve. Get your beautiful and comfortable Bokitta Umrah outfit from:


The umrah clothing is only available in our boutiques at present. This is because it is an introductory and limited edition item. Bokitta lovers therefore have the opportunity to try out these clothing comfortably in our boutiques.

 Bokitta Umrah Outfit

Bokitta Umrah Outfit

The Umrah set is light, simple, comfortable, trendy and yet modest. Pair it with a Bokitta maxi instant scarf and you are so ready for Umrah or Haj.










You will be amazed and be loving it the moment you wear the Bokitta Umrah Outfit. The material is a light denim cotton blend hence it is cool and soft. It is especially perfect for our weather in Malaysia. Most of all it is ideal  for Umrah and Haj.

Wear the light denim garment outfit anywhere else too. It is classy and also fashionable. Pair it with your favourite beige handbag and hence become one trendy hijabista! The bokitta umrah outfit is available in medium to dark tones. It is therefore  suitable for all skin complexions.



Our model is wearing Umrah Cotton Chambray Blue Butti set:

Available in (S/M) or (L/XL)

  • Long and loose blue Butti umrah tunic. Long and modest length. Made of 100% cotton double chambray. Elasticized cuffs and side pockets.
  • A matching long and comfortable blue Butti umrah pants with elasticized waistband. Made of 100% cotton double chambray.
  •  A matching Bokitta instant umrah blue Butti hijab. Made of 100% cotton double chambray.


Please check out the full range of the Bokitta umrah outfit at our boutiques. Also, dont forget the matching Bokitta instant hijabs! Here are a few more pictures of the umrah clothing.

Bokitta Umrah Outfit


Hurry to our stores. Grab your bokitta umrah outfits before they are sold out!

Bokitta Umrah Outfit


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Bokitta Designs Sizes Beautiful

Bokitta Designs Sizes Beautiful

All are able to wear a bokitta hijab.

Bokitta designs sizes are for everyone. All hijab loving ladies and fashionable hijabis would fall in love with the designs and sizes of Bokitta. Bokitta also carries a wide range of colourful printed and beautiful plain colour hijabs.


Bokitta Designs  Sizes

  1. Voila
  • Voila design has a short side flap and a shorter coverage. It covers up to the top of the chest area.
  • This type of hijab is most suitable for smaller ladies and girls as it has a shorter length. It is also suitable for wearing under a blazer such as in the office.

Bokitta Designs and Sizes Are for Everyone




























2. Voila Maxi

  • Voila Maxi comes with a shorter side flap as compared to Chic. It is longer than Voila and covers up the chest area.
  • This Bokitta design is very popular among bokitta lovers. It suits most ladies and really flatters our fashionable hijabistas. The longer coverage offered by voila maxi makes it a much sought after design and size by our customers.

Bokitta Designs and Sizes Are for Everyone





























  • Chic comes with a long side flap and has a longer coverage similar in length with voila maxi. It covers up the chest area.
  • This is another popular design and size. The long side flap makes this hijab very distinctive.

Bokitta Designs and Sizes Are for Everyone




























4.Chic Maxi

  • Chic Maxi is the longest hijab of all Bokitta designs. It has a long side flap and offers the longest and widest coverage. It covers all chest and shoulder areas.
  • This design and size is very popular among hijabis who prefer longer coverage but at the same time like to be fashionable.

Bokitta Designs and Sizes Are for Everyone






All Bokittas are ready to wear and hassle-free. Just slide it on and instantly you have a perfectly wrapped and gorgeous hijab.

The beauty of bokitta hijab is it looks wrapped but it is really light and does not have extra layers as most wrapped hijabs do.

Bokitta designs, sizes are for everyone indeed. There are hundreds of prints and colours to choose from. One or more will definitely find its way into your heart.

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bokitta bakti

You are very welcome to Bokitta Bakti, our flagship Bokitta Store in Malaysia.

Here you will be able to try out the wide range of Bokitta products. All under one roof in our cozy boutique. We have an awesome selection of Bokitta hijabs at Bokitta Bakti.

bokitta bakti

bokitta bakti

All bokitta designs and sizes are available here. We consistently stock up on the latest prints and solid colours of these beautiful hijabs. You will fall in love with the wide and lovely selection of the hijab in Bokitta Bakti.






Shop all your favourite Bokitta at our spacious and comfortable boutique.


In Bokitta Bakti we carry Chic Maxi, Chic, Voila Maxi, Voila and Voila Girls. Bokitta Umrah line is also available.  It takes less than a minute to style the hijab. It is most suitable for the todays on –the-go woman who wants to look stylish and to be covered at the same time.



As The Distributor of Bokitta in Malaysia we are assured of sufficient supplies of the hijab from Bokitta SAL of Lebanon. So rest assured that all our stores including Bokitta bakti are always well stocked. We accept all major credit cards in all our stores.

bokitta bakti



Bokitta Bakti is located in Bangunan BAKTI Siti Hasmah. It is in the tranquil neighbourhood of Taman Tun Dr Ismail. It is easy to find and parking is no problem. There is ample parking space at Bangunan Bakti. All customers who have frequented the boutique are very happy of the location.

bokitta bakti

bokitta bakti

Google “Bangunan bakti Siti Hasmah” for the easiest way to get to the boutique. You can also use the popular Waze navigation.

Bokitta Bakti Boutique’s address.:

1-H Bangunan Bakti Siti Hasmah

Cangkat Abang Haji Openg

Taman Tun Dr Ismail

60000 Kuala Lumpur


Operation Hours: 11 am to 7 pm Daily.

bokitta bakti

Bokitta Bakti, the friendly and cozy boutique for muslimah clothing.

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Among the favourite among Hijabistas is the Bokitta Voila Maxi. This is another design of the patented, ready to wear instant hijab from Bokitta Lebanon. The other designs are the Voila, Chic and Chic Maxi. These designs offer different lengths and styles to suit individual preferences. All are instant hijabs and all are fabulous!


Bokitta Voila Maxi




Bokitta Voila Maxi  is very popular among the hijabistas. Like all Bokitta it is so easy to wear…just slide it over your head…and you are done! The Bokitta that you are wearing looks like it took serious effort to style but really it took only a minute. Instantly you looked like you have a perfectly wrapped and gorgeous hijab. It is most suitable for the modern and on-the-go ladies.

Bokitta Voila Maxi has a short side flap and it has a longer coverage than the Voila. It covers up the chest area.





Bokitta Voila Maxi

The beauty of all Bokitta Hijab is it looks wrapped but it is really light and does not have extra layers as most wrapped hijabs do.










Different high quality materilas are used for the making of a Bokitta. This is for the outer layer of a Bokitta. The outer layers can be in viscose, chiffon, satin, cotton and georgette.The lining is made of breathable cotton. The lining adds body and opacity to the hijab.




As in all designs of Bokitta, the Bokitta Voila Maxi is so comfortable to wear and drapes beautifully over your neck. It comes with a new matching inner magic scarf. An elastic band under the chin ensures a perfect fit. Best of all one size fits all.











Bokitta Voila Maxi is available in hundreds of beautiful prints and solid vibrant colours. Bokitta means a bouquet of flowers. As its name suggest a Bokitta hijab is colourful and beautiful and makes its wearer gorgeous!

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visa master

Bokitta Malaysia Online Store is the place to log. Get your stylish, no hassle, no pins, fun, practical hijab. Here you can find the latest bokitta of all designs and sizes. We carry a complete range of Bokitta products. Bokitta Voila, Voila Maxi, Chic and Chic Maxi are all available.


In addition to Bokitta Malaysia Online Store we have physical shops in Malaysia. Happy Shopping! Here is the list of our shops:

  1. The Curve Shopping Mall, Mutiara Damansara
  2. Bangunan BAKTI Siti Hasmah, Taman Tun Dr Ismail
  3. Wariseni, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur
  4. Plaza Angsana, Johor Bahru
  5. Angsana Ipoh Mall, Ipoh


v mx pr coloured rectangles2





Bokitta is famous for the explosion of colors in its prints. It also has numerous and every shades of solid colors. This makes it easy for you to pair up with any of your outfits. Donning and slipping on a Bokitta with your favorite outfit will enhance your stylish and active looks. A Bokitta is perfect for the busy and on the go Hijabis.


bokitta hijab prints








Purchasing a Bokitta from Bokitta Malaysia Online Store is very simple and user friendly. Just click on your favourite Bokitta and follow the steps to complete the transaction.






bokitta solids











Bokitta Malaysia Online Store Payment Options

Payment for your Bokitta is made easier with our multiple payment options. In addition to Direct bank-In, you have the option to pay with MOLPay. MOLPay is the leading payment gateway in Southeast Asia.

With MOLPay you can pay for your Bokitta purchases very securely via the following local payment options: Credit Cards or Online Bank transfers from your current or savings accounts.

bokitta malaysia online store1




Payment via MOLPay is very safe secure as it has implemented numerous security steps in its system. Below is the numerous awards won by MOLPay:

bokitta malaysia online store2


Bokitta Malaysia Online Store offers you, our dear hijabis, the best in Bokitta products and services. Please also visit our Facebook and Instangram.