Bokitta Full Products Range Available Here

Looking for a one stop centre for Bokitta products? Look no further as Bokitta full products range is available here at My Bokitta (Bokitta Curve)

Buy online or walk in to our stores. We are well stocked and carry bokitta full products range. Our products range from sleeves to headscarves to skirts and to the full umrah line. As our tag line says, we are The Fun, Pin-Free, Time Saving, Ready Wrapped Instant Hijab.


Bokitta Umrah Outfit

bokitta full products range

This Umrah clothing is only available at our stores in Malaysia . Get your beautiful and comfortable Bokitta Umrah outfit from:

Bokitta Umrah set is light, simple, comfortable and modest. Perform Your Umrah Comfortably With the Exclusive Bokitta Umrah Outfit. Our Umrah line is trendy enough for any occasion.






Bokitta Instant, Pre Wrapped and Pinfree Hijabs

bokitta full products range

Bokitta hijabs are for everyone. All hijab wearing ladies and fashionable hijabistas will love Bokitta. We carry a wide range of colourful printed and beautiful plain colour hijabs.

All Bokittas are ready to wear and hassle-free. Just slide it on and instantly you have a perfectly wrapped and gorgeous hijab.

The beauty of bokitta hijab is it looks wrapped but it is really light and does not have extra layers as most wrapped hijabs do.






bokitta red panels



Bokitta are for everyone indeed. There are hundreds of prints and colours to choose from. One or more will definitely find its way into your heart.



Pair your bokitta pinfree hijab with the stylish and comfortable bokitta skirts. You will stand out as a fashionable hijabista! Bokitta produces matching skirts with its pinfree headscarves. You will be spoilt for choice in choosing your perfect match.
















We also carry the following Bokitta:


Bokitta Hood


Bokitta Zain




Bokitta Asas

Bokitta extension sleaves and headbands

These matching accessories by bokitta complements Bokitta’s full products range. These sleaves and headbands are super comfy. The wide range of colours available makes for easy matching with any of your outfits.

Bokitta extension sleaves and headbands
















So ladies head on down to our stores. Take home with you one of our lovely bokitta. We indeed carry bokitta full products range in Malaysia.

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