Bokitta Don’t Leave Home Without

The phrase, Bokitta Don’t Leave Home Without is so apt and true to travellers. This is because a Bokitta is so easy to match with any outfits. A big plus is that it is so easy to pack! You just roll it and place in your suitcase. It does not take much space at all. When you are ready to wear just unroll your Bokitta. Voila! In an instant you are ready to hit the sights and sound of the places you are visiting.

Bokitta hijabs are therefore perfect for every occasion.


When you hit the streets to go shopping wear a bright colored Bokitta to brighten up your shopping day.


bokitta don't leave home without it








In fact any bokitta, be it printed or plains, is just as practical and stylish as all Bokittas are light, airy and fashionable.



bokitta zain caviar


bokitta hijab for the fashionble4


Put on your walking shoes, pants, a comfortable blouse and pair it with a stylish Bokitta. You are all set to tour the city, see the countryside or ride up in a hot air balloon!

bokitta dont leave home without it

bokitta don't leave home without it








When you are in a rush you do not need to be burden in wrapping and adjusting your hijab. This takes time. Just pull on a Bokitta  and you are all set. A Bokitta always look perfectly wrap because it is an instant hijab. A perfect reason why Bokitta Don’t Leave Home Without.







Dinner Outfit

Bokitta has the perfect hijab too for dinner in a fancy restaurant.



bokitta voila maxi


Add a shine to your hijab style with a soft, smooth, stylish and glamourous satin hijab from Bokitta.





Bokitta Haj and Umrah Outfit

Bokitta has made performing the Haj or Umrah more comfortable with the Umrah Outfit. Bokitta Umrah outfit is the perfect companion for the ibadah trip. The Umrah set is light, simple and very comfortable.




Pair it with a Bokitta Maxi instant hijab and you are ready for Umrah or Haj. Wear the light denim garment Umrah outfit anywhere else too. It is not only trendy but modest.








Just remember,Bokitta Don’t Leave Home Without.

bokitta umrah


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  1. sitihani3005

    assalam..sorry akak nak tanya ofis kat week akak gi kl rasa nak gi show room..nak pilih sensiri..senang
    “bokitta..i like”

    • mybokitta

      Puan boleh datang ke butik kami di Bangunan Bakti Siti Hasmah TTDI Kuala Lumpur (11 pagi – 7 petang) setiap hari atau di kiosk kami @The Curve (10 pagi – 10 malam) setiap hari.
      Terima Kasih.