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Bokitta Designs Sizes Beautiful

Bokitta Designs Sizes Beautiful

All are able to wear a bokitta hijab.

Bokitta designs sizes are for everyone. All hijab loving ladies and fashionable hijabis would fall in love with the designs and sizes of Bokitta. Bokitta also carries a wide range of colourful printed and beautiful plain colour hijabs.


Bokitta Designs  Sizes

  1. Voila
  • Voila design has a short side flap and a shorter coverage. It covers up to the top of the chest area.
  • This type of hijab is most suitable for smaller ladies and girls as it has a shorter length. It is also suitable for wearing under a blazer such as in the office.

Bokitta Designs and Sizes Are for Everyone




























2. Voila Maxi

  • Voila Maxi comes with a shorter side flap as compared to Chic. It is longer than Voila and covers up the chest area.
  • This Bokitta design is very popular among bokitta lovers. It suits most ladies and really flatters our fashionable hijabistas. The longer coverage offered by voila maxi makes it a much sought after design and size by our customers.

Bokitta Designs and Sizes Are for Everyone





























  • Chic comes with a long side flap and has a longer coverage similar in length with voila maxi. It covers up the chest area.
  • This is another popular design and size. The long side flap makes this hijab very distinctive.

Bokitta Designs and Sizes Are for Everyone




























4.Chic Maxi

  • Chic Maxi is the longest hijab of all Bokitta designs. It has a long side flap and offers the longest and widest coverage. It covers all chest and shoulder areas.
  • This design and size is very popular among hijabis who prefer longer coverage but at the same time like to be fashionable.

Bokitta Designs and Sizes Are for Everyone






All Bokittas are ready to wear and hassle-free. Just slide it on and instantly you have a perfectly wrapped and gorgeous hijab.

The beauty of bokitta hijab is it looks wrapped but it is really light and does not have extra layers as most wrapped hijabs do.

Bokitta designs, sizes are for everyone indeed. There are hundreds of prints and colours to choose from. One or more will definitely find its way into your heart.

3 thoughts on “Bokitta Designs Sizes Beautiful

  1. Assalamualaikum….

    Please reply to my queries….

    Can i know when the Denim Voila Maxi products will be online… since its all out of stock. Thank you.

    1. Waalaikumsalam. Most of the designs will not be reproduced by bokitta Lebanon once they are out of stock. They will probably make a comeback after a few years. We take note of your request and will forward it to lebanon. Thank you sis.

  2. I am looking for the black exclusive viola maxi which is out of stock….is this still available and when????tqvm

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